Skiing in Livigno

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Skiing in the Perfect Snow-Covered Livigno, Italy

            Livigno, Italy is a local town and commune in Sondorio Province, region of Lombardy. It is located in the Italian Alps at 1816 meters high above sea level. The main river of the town is called Spol or Aqua Granda. Livigno was once a cultural and traditional village. It is one of the Italian villages that do not belong to the drainage basin of the Mediterranean Sea. The town is surrounded by a breathtaking panorama with marvellous valleys and high peaked mountain suitable for skiing.

Skiing in Livigno

Livigno, Italy evolved from an ugly town to one of the best skiing destinations in the world. Skiing is divided into two main sides – the Swiss and Italian. Both sides are in the area of Italy while the other side is somewhat closer to Switzerland. Livigno is also considered as the highest liveable resort in Europe. It often experience snow compared to other resorts. A guaranteed snow-filled area makes it a big attraction to skiers.

Winter Sports in Livigno

Skiing in both sides of the valley is suitable for both intermediate and beginners. If you are an expert, you may find this area a little easy. Nonetheless, the resort still offers loads of fun and duty-free services to its customers, so no apologies for any lack of exciting skiing possibilities. The town offers over 30 lifts on both sides of the valley and a number of ski pass sales. Each ski area in Livigno has its own website and ski school. Thus, you need to carefully think it over before you commit your holiday to a specific one.       

Winter In Livigno

In the winter, Livigno, Italy becomes a flat open valley with two chains of snow-covered mountains on either side. It becomes a sheltered village with no roads, but tracks for sledges. It is a place to fell in love with to Europeans and other people of the world. A number of tourists come to enjoy the perfect snow-covered terrain and stay in fine hotels for their ski lift experience. As one of the most important ski resorts in Europe, it has grown to preserve the architecture and environment as well as the alpine atmosphere of the village. At the present time, Livigno is still a genuine mountain resort that every skier has been dreaming of.

How to get there

If you want to go to Livigno, Italy and enjoy skiing, the best way is to take the tunnel from Switzerland. Once you get through the toll, you are home free. You can also get to the village from Bormio if you are using a private car. There is also a bus, but you may want to check the timetable as part of your planning.

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Where to stay during your travel to Livigno,

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