Songkran Festival 2013

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Songkran Festival 2013 -Water festival

When:13th – 15th April 2013

Where:Thailand and some parts of AsiaSongkran 2013 300x225 Songkran Festival 2013

Feasts and festivals are a part of life. They are celebrated in each and every country. They are an important ingredient of every culture. They are inherited from the ancestral ancestors. Thailand is a country where numerous festivals take place. Thailand is a popular destination, much popular for its scenery and local festivals. One such festival of the Thai culture is Songkran. It is attended by thousands of people from around the world. Songkran festival is one of the most famous festivals in Thailand. The festival is also practiced in countries like Burma, Vietnam, Lao State and many more countries in the North.

The work Songkran comes from Sanskrit, with “Samkranti” being the original word, meaning “a move or change”. The festival is celebrated for a period of 3 days and 3 nights in Thailand. It starts from 13th April and ends on 15th April. The festival is similar to Holi in many regards. The people anticipate anxiously for the event and the preparations are awesome.  The festival also marks the start of New Year.

Songkran Festival 2013-Preparations

The Thai people wait for the festival the whole year. They clean their houses before the start of the event. It is the requirement of the festival that all the dirt and rubbishes should be removed from the home. The local people believe that if they do not clean their houses to the finest extent, it would bring them bad luck. They believe that any amount of junk will be a bad omen for them. They clean the Buddha images with great care and wash them with scented water so that the good luck is welcomed and comes their way. The water is shivered on the shoulders of elders to bring good fortune to them. The images are paraded in various cities as well. The young children pour scented water in the hands of elders and parents as a way to show their utmost respect for them. The children buy water guns and buckets so that they could throw water on other people as it’s the very basic element of this festival. For the new tourists, throwing water is just an activity, but the locals believe that it is a way of rejuvenating and cleaning. They clean the bodies, hearts and minds to kick start the New Year.

Families and friends gather in the temples and offer prayers on the day. The children throw water on each other as an act of enjoyment and merrymaking. Water is splashed with water guns and buckets on everyone who crosses the street. As a matter of fact, April is the hottest month, making the occasion even more enjoyable. Water is thrown on everyone, no one is exempted. A visit to Thailand at such time is quite refreshing. Hotels offer special packages to tourists at such times. They welcome the tourists with typical Thai Songkran ceremonies. The tourists experience the trip of lifetime.

What You can Expect in Songkran 2013

Similar preparations are expected for the Songkran 2013 festival. The event will start on the Saturday 13th of April 2013 and will end on Monday 15th April 2013. The tourists will get a chance to see some of the most enjoyable Thai events on the planet for 3 days. It would be the best time to visit Thailand, as the event represents the true character and hospitality of the country. Many tourists plan their schedules in such a way that they could easily visit Thailand and witness the festival. So if you are planning for the visit to Thailand any time soon, book your flights for the coming April.


Thailand is a beautiful exotic country in Asia. It boasts with some of the best natural sceneries, coupled with warm hospitality and exciting festivals. The “Songkran” is a special festival that marks the start of a new year in Thailand, and is celebrated with great happiness and anticipation. It is the best time to visit Thailand and enjoy the festival, as already thousands of people do so.

A Very Happy and warm Wishes for everyone celebrating Songkran Festival 2013…!

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