Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012 – a worth-seeing competition

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Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012 – a worth-seeing competition

There’s good news for the Formula 1 Grand Prix fans, as the 2012 season (Friday, 11th May 2012 to Sunday, 13th May 2012) promises exciting races coupled with surprise packages and speculations. The European stretch for the Formula One season is right on the money, though many teams have seen the conditions against them.

For all the racers to avail the benefit, the event in Bahrain is a thing of past. Three weeks fresh from the start in Mugello, the table can still hold many surprises.

Before going to the Catalunya for the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012, Mugello means a lot to the racers and the standings in the points table.

Importance on Mugello:

Mugello will likely play an important role for kick starting the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012. The racers will be able to analyze their skills, forms and cars. It will serve as the benchmark or a platform for the event that has to be taken place in Catalunya. These small races will give a shape to the upcoming important events. In a word, Mugello can be hugely helpful to get to the top spot.

Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012-will it kick start Red Bull’s season?

2011 was the season of Red Bull. It took all the championships by storm and showed great consistent form that led it to win the championship. But so far, only Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have shown the required consistency. Red Bull hasn’t been on the track as it was in the earlier year. Mugello has its importance as Seb seems convinced to gain the ground and be a competitive force at the Catalunya.

On the positive note, the Red Bull team has gained quite success in recent times. Seb, the winner in 2011 and Webber, the winner of 2010’s championship, are a strong team and force to reckon with. Mark, the Aussie partner, has extended the partnership with Red Bull. So the possible distractions have been nullified.

Other Contenders:

Are there any further contenders that could be counted apart from the dominating team of Red Bull? McLaren, Lotus, Mercedes all seem to be the countable ones in the series. They could be reckoned as the title challengers, but Ferrari seems nowhere.

The main reason between Lotus is their strong finish in the Arabian region. Their drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grojean are close to the victorious arena. They held their heads high after the 2-3 result in Bahrain.

As far as the McLaren is concerned, it has done well during the season. It included the victory of Jenson Button on Melbourne. Talented Lewis Hamilton has been racing well till now, and sets sights on his first trophy of the year. The only negatives that happened to them were poorly planned pit stops combined with the bad luck. Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012 will see a change in the pit crew for McLaren.

Mercedes has been the mysterious package. They have done the good, the bad and the ugly. Marking his first maiden victory in China, Nico Rosberg has worked wonders. Only the bad luck for Michael Schumacher has been the hurdle for the team. Ross Brawns’s Double DRS design has helped the team perform on the biggest stage as well. Schumacher has raised questions over the tires by Pireli as they have been subject to controversy.

Ferrari’s Position

It’s the time to see if Ferrari has become the complete garbage, or can it still go against all the odds? So far, Ferrari has done nothing good, but Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012 can be benchmarked as a platform for the next season.  Fernando Alonso is driving nowhere his talent. Ferrari will have to make wild changes at its disposal.

Spanish Formula One Grand Prix 2012- An event to Watch:

At such times, it’s a treat to be a fan of Formula One Grand Prix 2012 when the competition is so evenly placed. The race at Catalunya will play an important role in giving a shape to the table. The spectators will be on the edge of their seats as tough competition is expected from racers such as Schumacher, Hamilton and Alonso.

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