St Patrick’s Day 2012 – Celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland

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St Patrick’s Day 2012 – Celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world on 17th March. The day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is held as a cultural and religious holiday. It reminds the arrival of Christianity in Ireland by Saint Patrick of Britain. The day has marked importance in the Irish Culture these days. Earlier, the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, and Lutheran Church were the ones who followed it. In the start of 17th century, the day was officially declared as a feast day and therefore it became a part of the Irish Culture. Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated on Saturday, March 17, 2012, all over the Irish community.

People wear green on the day, though it is said that originally blue was the color that represented the flow of Christianity in the area. But with the passage of time, Green color became more and more popular. The main reason behind the green color is said to be the 3 leaved shamrock that Saint Patrick used to describe the Holy Trinity. Another reason is the green color in the Irish flag. The green color honors Irelands nickname “The Emerald Isle”. Ireland is a beautiful country with lush green outfields and is therefore nicknamed as The Emerald Isle.

The day is celebrated like a national day in Ireland. The people in the country take part in various games and activities. The day has been celebrated since the ninth and tenth centuries in the country. The first official Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated on 17th March 1996. From the following year, it was marked as a four day event, while from 2000 onwards it was celebrated for four days. Recently, from 2009, the Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated for more than 4 days.


People take part in various activities like concerts, outdoor theatre performances and various other sports. They fire the fireworks all around. The nights brighten up by the fireworks and represent a great show. Everybody wears green on the day, and the unfortunate one who does not wear green gets pinched from all the people. It is allowed to pinch the one who does not wear green, and in case you pinch someone in green color, you will face the penalty of 10 pinches. So be careful before choosing the color. The day is celebrated by decorating shamrocks all over the place as Saint Patrick used the same leaf to explain the holy trinity. People in Chicago and New York enjoy the big parades on the day. It is also said that the people of Chicago dye their rivers green too.

Celebrations in 2012

Following the festivities of Saint Patrick Day, the day was celebrated with usual charm and charisma on 17th March 2012. The Irish people dressed in green and took part in the cultural celebrations. Alcohol was served on the occasion which normally isn’t allowed to be taken by the religion. Places were decorated with shamrocks. The lush green outfield was filled with green color all over. The kids had their respective games; the women sang and cheered while the men enjoyed the moments. Barrack Obama, the American President also took part in the celebrations and drank a Pint of Guinness. On any normal day, 5.5 million pints of Guinness is served in the country, but on Saint Patrick’s Day, the famous Irish brand faces a more than double demand. The American President visited his ancestral cousin in Money gall on the day. The great-great-great grandfather of Barrack Obama is thought to be Irish. He was a shoemaker and migrated to America. As a matter of fact, there is green Irish blood in the veins of the current President of America. Arrangements were made in the white house as well. The South Lawn Fountain flooded with green water. The workers expected and worked for a visit by the Irish Prime Minister as well. The Presidents of both Ireland and America met in a lunch the following day at the Capitol.

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