Stuttgart Beer Festival 2012

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Stuttgart Beer Festival 2012

Stuttgart Volksfest, more popularly known to guests and foreigners as Stuttgart Beer Festival, is held for three weeks every year in Stuttgart, Germany . This year it is celebrated between 28th September – 14th October 2012 just before the Oktoberfest.Locals refer to this festival as the Canstatter Wasen or simply as Wasen. The Stuttgart Beer Festival 2012 will take place in Autumn, as it was usually celebrated, and held on an area called the Cannstatter Wasen, a 35-hectare festival area on the banks of the Neckar river in the part of Stuttgart known as Bad Cannstatt.

The Stuttgart Beer Festival had its origins in the year 1818 to celebrate a harvest after a year of famine. The festival was designed to encourage farmers back then and ever since then it has become a tradition. At first, it was only celebrated for one single day, then in 1920 it has been extended to five days. Then in 1972 it has been since celebrated for sixteen days  ̶  more days of Beer!

What to expect from the Stuttgart Beer Festival 2012 is two weeks of fun, fairs, rides, floats, music and dance, and of course, that awesome beverage  ̶  beer! One of the most breath-taking attractions to look forward to is, of course, the giant fruit column which has been the symbol for the festival. Not to miss out is the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel ride, measuring 60 meters in diameter. Of course, it is not called a Beer Festival without Beer tents. Beer tents usually accommodate around 2000 to 5000 people each tent, so it’s never lonely and there’s room for more!

The Stuttgart Beer Festival 2012 will be held a week later after its bigger brother, The Oktoberfest in Munich. Not to be outdone, however, Stuttgart is overwhelmed by huge number of visitors each year with an amount that could reach 5 million! Locals and visitors alike can shop all they want at the markets, shops, and booths and can eat and drink all they want at the food stalls and beer tents. The racy water rides and the Ferris wheel can also accommodate for the kids’ needs for fun. This truly is a timeless event in which people of all ages can enjoy.

What began in 1881 had reached its way to modern times. From what began as designed celebration by the monarchs to encourage farmers and the populace after a year of famine had become a tradition that still lives on in modern times. Whether you are a visitor or a local, you would truly appreciate the cultural tradition. Like it has always been since it was first celebrated, the Stuttgart Beer Festival 2012 will be celebrated with a revelry of toasts and cheers with that ever popular and awesome liquid  ̶  beer!



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