Sydney Festival 2013

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Sydney Festival 2013

 When it happens:  Early to late January(5th – 28th January 2013)

 Where it happens: Sydney, New South Wales


The Sydney Festival 2013 was launched as a tourism initiative by the New South Wales State Government and the city of Sydney in 1977. Since then, it has evolved to become one of the largest and most diverse cultural and arts shows in the South Pacific rim.

At the core of its programming, the festival hopes to nurture local talents and showcasing these talents to a broad audience. While there is sufficient support given to homegrown artists, the festival does not discount inviting talents abroad to share with the local residents. In this manner, Sydney – despite itself a hotspot for avant-garde arts – becomes a melting pot of creativity for talents all over the world.

Because it has garnered worldwide recognition over time, it was inevitable that the Sydney Festival would be a platform from which to launch original Australian productions and premiere them before the local audience prior to launching the films internationally. Conversely, the festival has attracted international screen talents who in turn made the festival a magnet for other celebrities.

 About the Event:

The Sydney Festival 2013 is the biggest summer festival in Australia. As such, it caters to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, earning an attendance of 650,000 as of last count.

The festival headlines some of the most prominent names in the film and music industry. It also attracts top-notch performers from around the globe. Russian theatre, New York rap, burlesque shows, parody circus, and aboriginal arts are just some of the numbers lined up for the event.

The festival is spread across three weeks of January, beginning on January 5 and ending on January 28, to include the Australia Day festivities on the 26th.  There will be 388 performances and 98 events from over 1,000 artists who will headline in iconic Sydney structures: The famous Sydney Opera House, Seymour Centre, Riverside Theatres, and the University of Sydney are just some of the venues where the events will be held.

Parks and major thoroughfares are going to host myriad street performances of music, dance and other visual spectacles. Fireworks and food will continue to be staples.

Ferry races in the Sydney Harbor will steal the show on Australia Day, the peak schedule of the festivities. Tall ships will also unfurl their masts in the harbor, an excellent opportunity for maritime aficionados to enjoy in.

The Festival First Night raises the curtains for other festivities laid out in the next three weeks, and usually attracts a large and diverse crowd. This is a large-scale opening number where parks and public places are turned into venues of music, dance and food.

Travel Tips:

Tickets can only be purchased in person and in cash. While there are a wide range of free programs, some events are ticketed and prices vary according to each performance. Tickets have historically been sold out, so ticket booths may close early. Be there in the morning as early as 8AM.

At any given day, Sydney is a tourist’s paradise. It is endowed with natural beauty, and it has managed to pack in a good measure of cultural and artistic tradition that makes it a unique destination, whether on the occasion of Sydney Festival 2013 or regular season.

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