Taiwan Calendar 2013

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Taiwan Calendar 2013

Taiwan is a place of immense beauty due to its rich cultural heritage, which reflects deeply upon the celebrations of the National Holidays. Some are celebrated according to the Western Calendar, however the biggest festivals, in respect to traditions, are organized according to the Lunar Calendar that influences the Taiwan calendar 2013.


New Year’s Day

Despite being a country of the Far East, thus having a cultural background much different than the one that the Gregorian Calendar is based on, Taiwan has decided to also celebrate New Year’s Day on January the first. This makes them a part of the spectacular wave of celebrations, that crosses the globe on that day and is an extremely important moment in Taiwan calendar 2013.

Tuesday, January 1 2013



Chinese New Year

Starting on the first day of the first lunar month, also being known as the Spring Festival, this holiday has a strong resemblance with the celebrations of the Western New Year. People buy presents, clean their houses throughout, minor renovations are made – like painting the doors and windowpanes,  everything to leave the last year behind and set a clean beginning to the new one.

Even though only five of the days are official holidays, the celebrations go on for fifteen days.

Saturday, February 9 2013 – Wednesday, February 13 2013



Lantern Festival

It is said that a maid, Yuansiao, working in the emperor’s palace, was forbidden from seeing her family. This saddened her deeply, but a minister in the palace felt her pain and decided to help her. He told the emperor that the God Of Heaven would burn down the city if thousands of lanterns hadn’t been lit around the city, and when the servants would go in town to help with the preparations, Yuansiao could meet her family.

Sunday, February 24 2013


Qing Ming Jie

Tomb Sweeping Day

This day is extremely similar to Ancestors Day in western culture. Keeping in mind that ancestor worship is an official religion in the Republic of China, this is a holiday with extreme importance. Besides the usual cleaning of the grave area, replacing the flowers and also burning imitation paper money are the activities of the day.

Friday, April 5 2013


Labor Day

Taiwan also celebrates Labor Day, when people gather to respect the accomplishments of the labor movement.

Wednesday, May 1 2013


Tuen Ng

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, or as the locals call it – Tuen Ng, is a must-see in Taiwan. Its origins are traced back to 288 BC, and are celebrated to honor the death of Chu Yuan. Unwilling to leave the country, Chu Yuan threw himself in the river. The people wanted to save him and went down the river in boats, beating drums to scare off the fish and throwing dumplings so that the fish wouldn’t eat Chu Yuan. This is how the holiday is celebrated now.

Wednesday, June 12 2013



Mid Autumn Festival

This day in the Taiwan calendar 2013 originates from a fairly tale, in which the hero Hon Yi saved his people by shooting down nine of the ten suns, leaving only the one we have now.

Thursday, September 19 2013


Quoqing Jie

National Day

On October the tenth people gather and celebrate the start of the Wuchang Uprising that happened in 1911. After many bloody battles around the country, the Wuchang Uprising inspired the Xinhai revolution, which resulted in the collapse of the Qing dinasty and the establishment of the Republic Of China. This is probably the most important moment in Taiwan’s Calendar for 2013.

Thursday, October 10 2013


Double Ninth Day

The Double Ninth Day celebrations, locally known as Chung Yeung, have been celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month for thousands of years. Legend has it that Woon King was advised to get his family to high ground on the ninth day of the ninth month. He decided to do so, and upon his coming back he saw that all of his town’s people were slaughtered. Since then, on this day people tend to go to the hills to hike or have a picnic, as it is said to give good luck.

Monday, October 7 2013

Have a Happy  Taiwan Holidays in 2013.!

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