Tanabata Festival 2012

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Hoping Wishes to Come True on Tanabata Festival 2012, Japan

            Tanabata is a star festival celebrated by the Japanese to commemorate the reunion of the deities Hikoboshi and Orihime. Tanabata means “Evening of the Seventh” which represents the meeting of the star-crossed lovers on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. According to legend, the lovers are separated by the Milky Way and are only allowed to see each other once a year. It is believed that they cannot reunite during rainy days, so during the Tanabata festival, Japan people make wishes for good weather and for their selves.

The Tanabata Festival, Japan is celebrated in various dates depending on the region of the country. If you ever plan to take a trip between the months of July and August, you can celebrate this day with the Japanese, writing your wishes on colourful strips of paper known as tanzaku and hanging them on bamboo branches. The bamboo is considered as a Wish tree set floating on a river or burned at midnight after the festival. The festival is usually held on streets and shopping malls, decorated with large colourful streamers.

The most famous Tanabata festival, Japan is in Sendai. You can participate in the event from August 6 to 8. You can also visit the day before and witness the firework display. During the festival, you will see seven different kinds of decorations that represent different meanings.

If you are wishing for good studies and handwriting, you can decorate paper strips. To ward off bad health and accidents, and for good sewing, a kimono is displayed. If you wish for health long life, and family safety, the paper crane is your choice. Purse represents good business, and the net for good harvests and fishing. Trash bags are for thriftiness and cleanliness while streamers represent the strings that Orihime uses to weave. Lastly, the ornamental balls are decorated above the streamers. It is modelled after a Dahlia, a flower that symbolizes bond and commitment.

During the festival, decoration competitions are held. Thus, you can see a number of different decorations that will surely flabbergast your eyes. You can also watch parades and the Miss Tanabata pageant where beautiful Japanese women showcase their beauty, talent and wit. There are also a number of outdoor stalls that you can buy food from, join carnival games and many more happenings that add to the festive atmosphere.

In addition, if you are visiting Tokyo in early July, wear a yukata to Tokyo tower and you will gain a free admission to the main observatory. There you will see the illumination of the Milky Way as well as the beautiful views of the entire city. If good weather wishes are granted, you can avail of free rickshaw rides and souvenir pictures on July 4 and 15th. If you wish to have technical skills and abilities, join the Tanabata festival, Japan and pay homage to the legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi.

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