Teej Festival 2012

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Celebrating Teej Festival in Various Ways

            Dedicated to the Goddess Parvati, Teej festival is celebrated for Hindu women. It is mainly celebrated in Nepal to commemorate the union of the Goddess to Lord Shiva. It is also celebrated in some states of India. It usually takes place on the fortnight of the bright moon known as Shuklu Paksha of the Saawan month in the Hindu calendar. This normally falls on late July to early September. When it falls on August or September, the arrival of monsoon is celebrated after the season of domineering heat when Teej, a small red insect comes out.

The festival is celebrated in various ways by different cultures all for the commemoration of marital bliss, purification of the body and soul as well as the well-being of the family. In Nepal, the first day of Teej known as Dar Khane Din is celebrated by both married and unmarried women, wearing their finest clothes, and dancing and singing devotional songs. You can join in the merry-making which usually ends at midnight and after that the 24-hour fasting starts.

On the second day, fasting is celebrated by some women without food and water. Others live with fruit and liquid. You can celebrate this day by putting on a vibrant dress and visiting a Shiva temple to offer sweets, coins and flowers with other Nepalese women. The most important part of this day is the puja, an oil lamp that is lighted all throughout the night. On the last day of the festival, women worship deities and bathe in red mud as an act of purification to absolve their sins.

Indians have their own way of celebrating the Teej Festival as well. Each state has its own way to commemorate this day. In Jaipur, a city in the state of Rajasthan, India, Teej is known as the festival of swings. It is celebrated by hanging swings on trees and women dressing in green clothes, singing songs for the arrival of torrential rain. You can watch a procession that takes place for two consecutive days. Then, you can try Ghevar, a traditional sweet associated with the Teej festival in Jaipur.

On the other hand, the city of Chandigarh celebrate the festival by making arrangements in Rock garden, a garden consists of manmade waterfalls and sculptures. You will be amazed with the sculptures made of wastes such as tiles, electrical waste, bangles, bottles, and many more placed in walled paths

On other states of India, Teej Festival is celebrated in different forms. The Baniya community consider it as a celebration for women especially the young ones. During this day married women go back to their parents and spend 10 days of summer. If you ever visit during the festival, take part with the celebration by wearing a suit or sari, dancing on the streets and singing songs. It is the best time to celebrate women and uphold their roles in the community.

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