Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania (2013)

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When: March 15 to 24, 2013

Where: Tasmania


Tasmania is as culturally different from other Australian cities as it is geographically separated from the mainland by 240 kilometers of Bass Strait. Located on the lower-right hand corner of the Australian landmass, Tasmania lives with an islander mentality not unlike those in other archipelagic islands above the Tropic of Capricorn. As such, the Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania (March) affair exudes a decidedly un-Australian flavor, a major reason to visit this remote corner of the land down under once every two years.

The affair is a biennial, statewide celebration of what island living is all about. It is a multi-art form festival not unlike other art festivals in the mainland, except that the art it celebrates is uniquely shaped by the factors that are less influenced by outside traditions than by indigenous traditions handed down from previous generations. Thanks in large part to State Premier Jim Bacon, the Ten Days on the Island Festival was launched in 2001 as the culmination and celebration of that unique Tasmanian spirit.

About the Event

On March 15 to 24, 2013, Tasmania islanders will celebrate its biennial Ten Days on the Island festival where artists from around the state, from the mainland and from around the world will showcase their unique acts in various artistic genres like theater, modern and classical music, literature, film, visual, street and aboriginal arts. Along with performances, there will be food and wine events in more than 100 venues in 60 locations all throughout Hobart (the island’s capital) and smaller cities Launceston, Devonport and Deloraine.J Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania (2013)

More than just the arts, however, the organizers have conceptualized ‘Beyond Ten Days’ to entice travelers to explore the rest of the region and make the most of their time while in this tucked away corner of the Land Down Under. It being a once-every-two-year celebration, Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania (March) promises to beguile, entertain, inform, refresh and inspire visitors and guests who kept coming back for more. To date, the festival has earned more than a million visitors, a more than modest achievement for an event that will just be entering its sixth edition.

Travel Tips

Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania (March) is an excellent opportunity to experience not just the artistic spirit of the island, but also its almost pristine and rugged natural beauty. Tasmania has consistently been cited as having one of the world’s most scenic and unspoiled beaches and is regularly lauded as having one of the most sustainable conservation efforts. The state has millions of acres set aside for wildlife refuge and has also carved out 18 national parks open for human recreation. By Australian standards, Tasmania has comfortable warm weather and mild winters, an additional allure to travelers weary of temperature extremes and unpredictable weather in the mainland.


Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania (March) offers a rare opportunity to enjoy the artistic heritage of the island as well as its staggering natural wonders that await discovery at every turn.


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