Thanksgiving Day, USA 2012

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Bring on the Gravy at Thanksgiving Day, USA 2012

When it happens: November 22, 2012
Where it happens: USA

Thanksgiving Day originated from the celebration made by Pilgrim families of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The date was October 1621 and it was celebrated for a bountiful harvest. Like most celebrations involving a harvest, the Pilgrims have suffered a famine and a long bitter winter. It was during such a bountiful harvest that they were overjoyed because food was plenty and the future looked brighter. Thanksgiving Day, USA 2012 will be celebrated to commemorate such an event like it always has every year. It is also sometimes called as ‘Turkey Day’.


Thanksgiving Day, USA 2012 is one of the most anticipated and important celebrations in the United States. Thanksgiving celebrates peace, prosperity, abundance, and happiness. Like most thanksgiving celebrations, it is an occasion to remember the tough times and offer thanks for the blessing received. In these troubled times, we should all share our good fortunes and blessings to others and pray for more bountiful blessings to come.

Fixed date of Thanksgiving

It was through the efforts of President Abraham Lincoln that the day of the Thanksgiving is to be fixed as the last Thursday in the month of November. Then in December 26, 1941, the Federal Legislation changed it as the ‘Fourth Thursday’ in November.

What to Expect on Thanksgiving Day, USA 2012

What to expect and anticipate most about Thanksgiving Day, USA 2012 is that icon that symbolizes the very tradition itself  ̶  the baked or roasted stuffed turkey. Thanksgiving is popularly known for the large turkey on the table. That delicious, steamy, mouth-watering large chunk of white meat will always be present in the table. Other variety of foods will also be present on the table such as mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, sweet corn, and pumpkin pies. Sharing is loving on Thanksgiving Day as the less fortunate are often provided with food in the forms of none-perishable food packs and food cans. Family friends and guests are very much welcome to dine to such a lavish feast and they are often invited. The tradition of Thanksgiving dated back when the natives and the settlers shared food to celebrate the festivities.

Expect prayers of praise and gratitude before the meal, thanking for grace and for the blessings and chance to enjoy such a lavish display of food present on the table. Grace is usually led by the host but as tradition changes, guests and other members of the family are encouraged to contribute as well.

Other things to expect on Thanksgiving Day USA, 2012 would also include parades and sports, most especially Football and Basketball, whose games are held even on the day itself. There are more stuffs to look forward to but the food is simply the main attraction! So ready your plate, fork and knife for Turkey Day!

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