The Celebrations of Corpus Christi 2012

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The Celebrations of Corpus Christi 2012

Corpus Christi is a Latin word that means “the Body of Christ”. The day is celebrated in Lutheran, Anglican and old Catholic Churches. The occasion isn’t marked as a special event in the Christ’s life, but it is a tribute or homage paid to the Jesus’ life. The day celebrates the presence of Body and Blood of the Christ in Eucharist. It is held on the first Sunday after the Trinity Sunday. Earlier, it was celebrated on the first Thursday after the Trinity Sunday, but as it’s not an obligatory day, it was assigned to Sunday. Falling after two months of the Easter Sunday, the day marks an important aspect of the Catholic Church; it honors the Eucharist, the Holy Communion. Corpus Christy 2012 falls on Thursday 7th June, 2012.


In tribute to the occasion, Communion is received by a number of Christians. Consecrated bread is offered along with wine in many countries as a commemoration to the Last Supper before crucifixion of the Christ. Bread is also paraded through the streets. It is exposed in monstrance carried by the priests. In Spain, the saints and characters from Bible elaborate the doings by following paths decorated with flowers and wreaths. The same things happen in Provence as well.

Dia de Corpo de Deus is the word for the event in Portugal. The residents of Ponta Delgada make carper of flower metals which is equal to almost three a miles third quarter. A procession of high-ranking priests passes over this carpet. They wear red robes adb belong to high clergy positions. After them, lots of first communicants (those who will receive communion for the first time) come to the place. The ceremony comes to its maximum when the Blessed Sacrament is raised as the body of the Christ.

The Germans celebrate the event with beautiful bright colored parades. Sacrament featuring the Holy symbols is passed through the village. Various plants are used in the decoration of small town streets to give a better view. These plants include different flowers. Women and children visit the local clergy. The children wear white dresses with flowers on them. The day is honored in different ways. Some people display Jesus Christ’s pictures while some people lay carpets at the front doors. Processions in Bavaria take place on water. Boats full of flowers carry a number of people to the other end. These people include the worshippers and the ones who are a part of the procession.

The people in Germany celebrate the Corpus Christi in colorful style. Colorful processions are held in which the sacrament and other holy symbols are passed through. These processions go through the villages. The streets are decorated with greenery. A lot of flowers are also used to decorate the small towns. The children dress white and take part in local clergy and regional costume along with women. These children wear garlands of flowers. The Germans honor the day in different ways, some people display pictures of Jesus while others spread carpets in front of the doors.

The Swiss people celebrate the day in a much more formal way. The soldiers are uniformed, the people dress up in regional cloths and the clergy wear robes. The aisles and altar of the churches are decorated with garlands and greens. The priest walks on flowers leading the procession.

Countries such as Austria, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Brazil, Portugal, Poland and Trinidad and Tobago have a public holiday on the day. The people of these countries wait for the event and make arrangements for it. They celebrate the celebrations in different ways. Some countries like Canada, UK, America, and Australia do not have any kind of holiday on the day. They keep the regular work going on.


The event is a Christian observation as a tribute to the Holy Eucharist. The event is known by different names such as Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ and the Day of Wreaths.  The event is marked with great respect by the catholic Christians.

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