The Dreaming Festival, Woodford (June)

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When: December 27, 2012 to Jan 1, 2013

Where: Woodford, Queensland


The Aborigines believed that the world was created during the Dream time; thus, the Dreaming Festival, Woodford (June) is decidedly indigenous in context and form.

The festival had its roots from the Maleny Folk Festival which was started in 1987. In 1994, when the festival was growing at a fast rate and attended by an increasingly larger number of participants, it outgrew the Maleny grounds. The organizers then decided to move the festival to Woodford in a 500 acre forest setting that has since became the backdrop for the event.

woodford The Dreaming Festival, Woodford (June)

Internationally recognized as Australia’s Indigenous Festival, The Dreaming was originally held in the months of June, but has since been rescheduled to be celebrated together with the Woodford Folk Festival that culminates in the New Year.

About the Event

The Dreaming Festival, Woodford (June), which will be celebrated in Woodford (more than 70 kilometers from Brisbane, Queensland) from December 27, 2012 to January 1, 2013, is unique among Australian festival because of its emphasis on the aboriginal art forms not only in Australia and Tasmania, but in territories nearby. Hence, guests and visitors are going to witness performances – song and dance, visual arts, theater and opera – from the Pacific Islands, Hawaii, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, and Melanesia, among others. Travelers who may not have the time nor resources to get to know other Oceania cultures can get a fair introduction of these cultures by attending The Dreaming.

It is true that while the Dreaming Festival, Woodford (June) invites international performers from the United States and Canada, the event is tightly curated to revolve around aboriginal art forms (African-American drum beating and Inupiat Canadian arts, for example) that display regional accents and flavors but are bound by a thread of commonality from each country’s ancestors.

Travel Tips

Australia, at any given time and at any given territory, never forgets to look back to its aboriginal roots that are always well-documented and showcased in each region’s state museums. This event however is unique in a sense that the focus is not just in the aboriginal culture of mainlanders, but also those of other islands in the southern hemisphere. The Dreaming Festival, Woodford (June) thus presents a rare opportunity for the traveler to both enjoy Australian aboriginal art elevated to the hilt, as well as regional variants.  While usual tour packages often involved a fleeting glimpse of indigenous culture, The Dreaming is a one-stop-shop show for travelers who want to get to know more the indigenous side of Australia in a compressed timeframe.


The Dreaming is a celebration of the indigenous roots of Australia as well as a living reminder that their past history is alive and well in the songs, dances and visual arts of modern-day descendants of the aborigines.

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