The Fourth of July-Independence Day of USA

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The Fourth of July Independence Day of USA

When and Where:usa flag 300x199 The Fourth of July Independence Day of USA

Probably, the most awaited event, in the lives of American people is the Independence Day celebration. Also , popularly referred to as ‘the Fourth of July”, this is the day that holds special regard in the heart of many Americans, as on this day , in the year 1776, independence was declared publicly for the first time. It is celebrated in the United States of America with pomp and gaiety.


According to history records, the 4th of July is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the first public announcement and reading of the Declaration of independence from Great Britain in the year 1776. Great Britain’s rule over New England came to an end when people revolted against the British in the year 1775, following which, the government voted against their rule on July 2nd, 1776. It was only after two days, on 4th of July that independence was declared. The treaty was signed by the authorities like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on 2nd August, 1776.  Though, declared a national holiday for citizens, there were no festivities to mark that day. It was, however, on the insistence of John Adams that the Independence Day came to be associated with opulence and grand celebrations. It was only in the year 1791 that people began to address this day as Independence Day.

About The Day:

Tourists traveling to the USA during the 4th of July should prepare themselves for a gala time as the whole nation joins in the festive fervor. Mostly, all houses get decorated with American flags.  The roads and junctions come alive with parades that add to the enjoyment. With people carrying their nation’s flag and parades to lift your mood, the 4th of July offers great entertainment. The day is a national holiday; hence, all offices remain closed. People gather in various public places like Statue Of Liberty to ring in the fireworks. This day is celebrated with family and friends, all bringing in baskets of food and drinks to be shared and enjoyed. There are many local communities that organize their own entertainment shows, barbecues and fireworks. Competitions like hotdog and watermelon eating are held at every nook and corner. Tourists can also savor sporting events like tug of war, swimming, baseball and various other games. Many television channels broadcast the epic history of America. Many political events also mark this day with many leaders addressing the general public about the importance of brotherhood and peace.  On this day, tourists can see huge gatherings of people who come together to pay their respects to the great men who brought about the freedom. With most school and colleges closed, 4th of July becomes a celebration wherein all the citizens join in the festivities.

Travel Tips:

The Independence Day on 4th of July, is a closed holiday with most offices closed. Tourists visiting any state in the USA, would have to make advance reservations of hotels and guest houses, since, most of the Americans plan their weekend getaways during this time.  The heavy traffic of people may make it difficult to get proper and desired accommodation, unless booked in advance. Travelers should also plan their road journeys in such a way that they do not get delayed in massive traffic congestion.

Final thoughts:

The Independence Day is worth a watch, as tourists can really get to know the American culture, history and the ethnicities that comprise and bind this nation. We salute the great men who fought for the freedom of this magnificent country and contributed a lot to its present state – powerful and respected. Happy Independence Day to all!

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