Top Places to Visit in Indonesia

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Top Places to Visit in Indonesia

                Due to the tropical climate, archipelagic geography and size of Indonesia, it is able to support the second highest level of biodiversity in the world. Its fauna and flora is a combination of Australasian and Asian species. Not only rich in culture, Indonesia also boasts a number of tourist destinations that will surely keep you occupied during your stay in the country. If you want to know which places to visit and the things you can enjoy in each place, here are 10 of the top places in Indonesia.

 Bali beach Top Places to Visit in Indonesia


                Bali is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. It is home to the famous Holy Springs of Tirta Empul that are believed to posses magical powers. The clear bathing pools, ponds, and water sprouts are also worthy of visiting. Other things to do in Bali include a day trip to Nusa Lembongan and other islands. You should also visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, and watch the beautiful sunset at the beaches. Other places to visit include the Water Palace, the Monkey Forest, and the land in the middle of the sea known as Tanah. Bali is also famous for its tourist markets and massages. Kintamani is also a beautiful place that will surprise you with Batur Lake and Kintamani Volcano. If you want to experience beauty at its peak, visit the majestic place of Bali.



                As the heart of Indonesia, Jakarta has also a lot of things to offer to both locals and tourists. One of the gems of Jakarta is the Malau Macan in the chain of Thousand Islands. You can enjoy snorkelling, paddle through the reefs or simple experience a conscious fun in the mellow place. Another place to visit is the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. It is a park that boasts the culture and architecture of Indonesian provinces. Other things to enjoy include fancy shopping malls, Dutch architecture in Kota Tua, water world in Ancol Marina, and the National Monument.


                Yogakarta is also a nice place to visit any time of the year. One of the must-see is the Vredeburg Fort Museum which was built to look after the safety of the place and its environment. Another place to visit is the Sultan Palace which features Javanese and European architecture in a harmonious combination. You should not miss the Taman Sari Water Castle as well. Serving as a secret place to pleasure the Sultan to rest is definitely a place worth visiting. Other places to visit are the Maliboro street for shopping, Mount Merapi for hiking, and Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut for meditation.

 54441 f520 Top Places to Visit in Indonesia


                Bandung also offers a lot of things to do. Since the town sits at 700 metres above sea level, the weather is cooling and makes a great time to visit Gunung Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. You can also relax in the hot springs after you take a dip or swim. Another place to visit is the Kawah Puti which is a strawberry town that allows you to pluck strawberries. Other places to visit include the Juanda Forest Park, Kampung Daun, Geologi Museum, Tea Plantations and more.



                Ubud will not be left out in terms of tourist destinations as well. It boasts the most effective Lembah Spa which is house to professional and trained staff. You will definitely feel relaxed with the famous Bali Lomi Lomi massage. You should also watch the Legong and Barong Dance which is a weekly performance in different places. Ubud has everything that a tourist is searching for. It is rich in culture and art, but not in beaches. Other performances you should not miss include the Joged Dance Performance, and the Fire and Kecak dance.



                Kuta is yet another tourist destination that features a number of beautiful places and things. There are a lot of things to do in Kuta as well. You should try bungee jumping in Bali Bungy Co. Shopping is also fun in Kuta. There are streets that are turned into shopping areas and sell home décor items, clothes, wood carvings, accessories, and many more. You can also swim in the beaches, take a walk along the shorelines, and watch the beautiful sunset. You should not miss the Bali rice terraces as well.


                One thing to look out for in Lombok is the pearl. There is a showroom of pearls in Senggigi called Gem Pearls. It is a good souvenir and gift for your loved ones. Lobok also has a Kuta that is very beautiful with its white sand beaches. It is an excellent surfing destination and a good place to relax as well. Another place to visit in Lombok is Gilli Islands where you can enjoy a good snorkel.

 Surabaya Top Places to Visit in Indonesia


                Surabaya is another place in Indonesia that boasts a number of tourist spots as well. Two of which are the Red Bridge and Chinatown. You will see a lot of bicycle rickshaws at this part of town. You should also see the traditional art performance in Balai Pemuda. The show presents the uniqueness of music and dance of Surabaya. Other beautiful places to visit include the House of Sampoema and the Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque. You should also watch or join the Indonesian activity known as Homestay. This is a great yet affordable experience you should try.

Gili Trawangan

                Gili Trawangan is the center of a prosperous diving industry in the island. However, the place is not really known for fun dives. Rather, it is known as a teaching center. There are many other water activities to do in Gili Trawangan as well. These include snorkelling, surfing, long walks at the beach, and having party boats.



                Batam is known for its Waterfront City located on the west side of the island. A number of activities and attractions are available in the area which includes a fishing pond, a football field, a beach, water activities and a go-kart race track. You can also go parasailing and banana boating. Other tourist attractions in Batam include the Ocarina Park and the Batam Golf.   

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