Top Places to Visit in Philippines

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Top Places to Visit in Philippines


                The Philippines is a country known for its beautiful natural views that entice not only the locals but other people in the world as well. The place is an escape to paradise for those who are worn out of school and work, and need somewhere to relax and enjoy. It has a number of tourist destinations that you can choose from. So, if you are looking for fun and excitement this coming summer, visit these well-known tourists spots and you will surely not regret it!

Puerto Princesa Top Places to Visit in Philippines

Puerto Princesa City

                There are a number of things to do and places to visit in the city. Once of the most famous landmarks is the Subterranean River National Park. It is the longest traversable underground river and famous for being the most beautiful in the world. Its major attraction is the 8.2 kilometres underground river that twists through a magnificent cave which leads you to the South China Sea. Due to its naturally fantastic beauty, it is marked as a leading ecotourism destination by the UNESCO World Heritage. Another place to visit is Honda Bay which boasts its white sand beaches. You can have the best scuba diving and enjoyable dolphin watching as well. If you are planning to visit Puerto Princesa, do visit during the dry season between November and April in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the place.


                Another city that offers a wide range of activities and beautiful places is Cebu. One day will definitely not be enough to tour the entire city and enjoy its beautiful views. Some of the must-sees include Magellan’s Cross, Taoist Temple, Lapu Lapu Monument, Fort San Pedro, and Kawasan Falls. You can also take pleasure in activities such as island hopping in the beautiful islands and Sky Experience Adventure at the Crown Regency Hotel. You can also enjoy affordable shopping in Colon Street and eat the famous food lechon (roasted pig) in Zubuchon. The best time to visit Cebu is between November and April, preferably January for you to enjoy the Sinulog festival where a lot of dancing and merrymaking take place.

Carmarines Sur

                Camarines Sur is the fastest rising tourist spot in the Philippines. The best to visit is between March and May. You will certainly enjoy every single moment you spend in Camarines Sur due to a number of exhilarating activities the place offers. One of the things you should not miss is wakeboarding at the Camsur Watersports Complex. You should also try the Bicolano Pizza and candied Pili nuts. You should also island hop in Caramoan Peninsula, visit the Naga Ecology Park, and relax in the hot springs of Mount Isarog. Other places to visit include Adiangan and Kalupnitan Caves, and Pasacao.


Metro Manila

                As the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila also boasts a lot of places to visit. You can spend an afternoon and enjoy the Old Spanish city of Intramuros. You can also enjoy the breeze in Manila Bay and visit the nearby Ocean Park. Metro Manila also has a number of shopping centres from bazaars to malls. If you want to taste authentic Chinese cuisine, visit Binondo Chinatown. Other places to look into include Malate and Makati. In Metro Manila, the city scene is just wonderful.

9993024 orig Top Places to Visit in Philippines

Baguio City

                Baguio city offer a wide range of places to visit that will surely keep you occupied for days. You can visit the very heart of the city, Burnham Park. You can also marvel at the majestic church of Baguio Cathedral. Other places to visit include Camp John Hay, Session Road, The Mansion, Wight Park, Baguio Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Kennon Road, Philippine Military Academy, Mount Santo Tomas, Lourdes Grotto, and many more. Just make sure to bring with your jacket, the city can be very cold.

Davao City

                Davao City is perhaps the safest city in the Philippines. In addition to that, it also boasts a number of beautiful tourist spots such as the luxurious Marco Polo Hotel, Eden Nature Park, Malagos Garden Resort, and Museo de Davaoeño. You can also visit the little Chinatown in Davao in Uyanguren Street where you can shop cheap. For souvenirs, you can shop at Aldevinco Shopping Center. In addition, mall hopping is easy in Davao since they are located near one another.



                Famous worldwide for its white sand beaches, Boracay offers tourists and locals a number of things to enjoy such as island hopping, parasailing, boating, sailing, ATV riding, banana boat riding, swimming, snorkelling and other water activities. You can also get tattoos, hair braids, and beach massages, and build sand castles. In addition, you can visit the Crystal Cove Caves and see the beautiful sunset in the afternoon. The best time to visit the island is between March and May.

Cagayan de Oro philippines Top Places to Visit in Philippines

Cagayan de Oro

                Cagayan de Oro is another beautiful place to have vacation. You can pull off a Bukidnon-CDO-Camiguin adventure since these three are close to each other. The best activity to try in Cagayan is White Water Rafting with 24 rapids that will make your adrenaline rush. You can also visit ZIpzone for zipline.


                You can also visit Zambales in the summer and enjoy your lighthouse visit. You can also go to Anawangin Cove and take a dip in the river. Others things you can do include hiking a cliff, putting up a tent, swimming in deep waters, island hopping and many other water activities in Canoe Beach Resort.


                Bohol is one of the must-visit places in the Philippines. With a number of activities to do, you will surely not leave the place. One of the famous tourist attractions in Bohol is Panglao Island. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the island is filled with water activities and scenic views that will take your breath away. The Chocolate Hills are the most popular place to visit in Bohol. The best time to visit is during the dry season when the grasses on the hill are brown.

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