Top Places to Visit in Thailand

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Top Places to Visit in Thailand


                Being the 51st country with largest land area, Thailand encompasses a number of tourist destinations that people around the world will surely not want to miss. Along with a majestic culture and beautiful geography, a visit in Thailand is definitely worthy of your time and money. Here are 10 of the top places you should visit in Thailand alone or with your loved ones.

  Top Places to Visit in Thailand

Krabi Area

                Krabi area is one of the tourists’ favourite places to visit in Thailand. It boasts its walking streets in the evening and the shops at Ao Nang. You should not miss the beaches as well including Phra Nang Cave Beach, Tup Island, Poda Island, James Bond Island, and Koh Panyi. You should also try the boat tour on Phang Nga Bay and visit the Monkey Cave Temple. You can also take a day trip to Phi Phi Islands where you can stroll and enjoy the beaches. Phi Phi Islands is a paradise lost! Thus, it is considered as the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. Since Krabi area is famous for its beaches, it is wise to visit during the dry season.

Chiang Mai

                Chiang Mai is another place to visit in Thailand. You can visit the Long Neck women in Hmong village. You should also visit the Buddhist temple, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and marvel at its extravagance.  You should also try some activities such as Elephant rides, jungle treks, and Excursions. If you want to learn how to cook Thai cuisine, visit the Smart Cook Thai Cookery School.


                Phuket is another famous tourist destination in Thailand. You can find the Kok Chang Safari in the area where the best elephant trek is offered. You can also enjoy the night time entertainment theme park known as Phuket Fantasea on Kamala Beach. The park features a number of adventures and attractions to present the ancient culture of Thailand. For an enjoyable and scenic drive, you can go to Promthep cape.    

hua hin beach 700 Top Places to Visit in Thailand

Hua Hin

                Hua Hin is famous for its city beach that boasts its unique and beautiful stones alongside the beach. Another unique feature of Hua Hin is the bicycle taxi which is a slow yet interesting ride around the city. You can also buy nice sunglasses in the Orchid optical and shop for fishing equipments at the Fishing shop. Since the city has the second largest fishing sleet, you should definitely try fishing at the pier.


Koh Samui

                If you are looking to enjoying a place with fewer crowds, you can relax in Koh Samui. Some of the things you should not miss are the the famous rock formation, Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks, the Angthong National marine Park, the waterfalls, and the wildlife & nature. You should also check out the Mummified Monk in meditation position, which is the remains of Loung Pordaeng who dies 20 years ago. The most famous are the beaches. You can go to Chaweng if you want to meet people and Chong Mon to experience serenity.


Koh Phangan

                If you are visiting Thailand in the summer, you can check out Koh Pangan and enjoy its scenic attractions. The most beautiful beach in koh Phangan is the Bottle Beach. The place is isolated and takes you about two to get there as you trail through a jungle first. It is a trekking and swimming in one experience. You can also do a lot of other things such as kitesurfing, snorkelling, Thai boxing, elephant riding, and waterfalls swimming.


Sai Yok/Erawan

                Both falls are very beautiful and worth visiting. Sai Yok is easier to reach than Erawan, but Erawan has seven wonderful waterfalls. If you plan on visiting either of the two, avoid weekends as they can be very crowded. Also, try to go to the places from November to January in order to fully enjoy the raging waters. You can go trekking and swimming in the marvellous crystal clear waters.


                If you are looking for long walks and exciting trekking, Pai and Soppong villages are your best bet. If you want to go somewhere you can feel the Thai presence and culture, go to Pai. However, if you want more of a touristic feel, visit Soppong. If you want both, you can simply ride a bus and get the most of them both in a day. Just make sure to visit during the dry season if you do not want to walk in mud.

kanchanaburi 03 Top Places to Visit in ThailandKanchanaburi

                Kanchanaburi is another Thai area which boasts a number of activities and places to visit. One of the most famous tourist destinations in Kanchanburi is the three Pagodas Pass. Although you are not allowed to pass through the border, you can take pleasure at such a scenic view. You can also take a motorbike day trip to the temples such as the Tiger Cave Temple. Other places to visit include the War Cemetery, and River Kwai Bridge. You should also try rafting and swimming at waterfalls and parks. When going to Kanchanaburi, remember to bring with water and mosquito repellent.

Ubon/Khong Chiam

                Khong chiam and Ubon are two of the famous places in Thailand that should not miss. In Khong Chiam the two colour river is the most excellent place to visit. The best time to visit and see the differing colours in between March and May. Ubon also offers a number of activities you can enjoy. You can get pleasure from the impressive Pha Taem National Park and have the benefit of an adequate supply of riverside options for a day. In order to reach other attractions you can ride a motorcycle and other public transportations. The lush green and straw yellow hills where the water sheds make a very magnificent view.

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