Top Places to Visit in Vietnam

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Top Places to Visit in Vietnam             

                Due to Vietnam’s long history as a state of China, its culture is greatly influenced by it. However, it has remained distinct due to a number of other absorbed cultural elements such as baguettes and coffee from the French colonization. Because of these various influences, Vietnam has remained an interesting and impressive tourist destination. The best time to travel to this lovely tropical country is in the spring when flowers bloom beautifully for the Tet Festival. Avoid visiting in the summer for the heat can be intolerable. Some of the best places to go include:

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Hanoi (Vietnam)

                As the capital of Vietnam and its second largest city, Hanoi is an amazing blend of architectural sites. It is now known as the rising star of Southeast Asia due to its preserved historical architecture. Vietnam is filled with various museums that will surely amaze you with their collections. Some of the famous museums in Hanoi are the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Air Force Museum, Hanoi Museum and more. Other places to visit include the Vestige in the Presidential Palace Area, the One Pillar Pagoda, and temples such as the Temples of Literature, Ngoc Temple, and Bach Ma Temple. You can also take pleasure from the parks such as the Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Tay, Lenin Statue & Park, and Ly Thai To Statue & Park. The wartime sites are also popular places to visit including Hoa Lo Prison, B-52 Lake, Down Aircraft memorial and the Army Museum. Two of the activities best offered by Hanoi are running and rock climbing.

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Hue (Vietnam)

                Hue is the former imperial capital of Vietnam and now its central region. It is closely related to the Nguyen dynasty and went through times during the Vietnam War. Even so, it has remained a strong region that has a lot of attractions and activities to offer to tourists. The main landmark of the region is the Perfume River. A park and a promenade circle around the river, making it a pleasant place to relax. If you want to go around the region, many tourist attractions will keep your eyes busy including the Imperial Citadel, Ngo Mon, Thai Hoa Palace, Palace of Longevity, Forbidden Purple City, and the Tombs of the Emperors. You should also try activities such as the Hue day tour, Hai Van Pass motorbike tour, blind massage, My An Hot Spring and Spa, Thanh Tan Hot Springs, and Thuan An Beach.


Hoi An (Vietnam)

                Hoi An is one of the Vietnam’s beautiful cities. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, the Old Town in Hoi An is one of the places you should visit. The Old Town include many attractions such as the Quan Cong Temple and the Japanese Covered Bridge. There are also museums to visit like the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture, The Museum of Trade Ceramics, Museum of Folk Culture, and the Museum of Say Huynh Culture. There are also three houses that you should check out in town namely the Phung phung House, Quan Thang House, and Tan Ky House. Among many things you should not miss are the swan boats.

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Halong Bay (Vietnam)

                Halong Bay is famous for its impressive ocean topography. It is included in the list of the natural wonders of the world. Going to Vietnam will not be worth it if you will not experience the waters at halong Bay. Around are islands that will make a good island hopping tour. These islands include the thickly forested Ban Sen, the national park island Cat Ba, the beautiful beaches of Quan Lan, and the virgin island of Van Don.


Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

                Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in Vietnam. It is commonly known as Saigon and is the former capital of the republic. Most tourists flock in the central part of the city due to a number of attractions and activities it offers. The historical sites in the city are worth a visit. These include the Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, the ice cream vendor Le Quy Don, the City Hall, Museum of Vietnamese History, and Ho Chi Minh Museum. The religious sites are also sights to see including the Central Mosque, Notre dame Cathedral, Thien Hau pagoda, Quan Am Pagoda, and Phung Son Tu Pagoda.


Haiphong (Vietnam)

                Being the fourth largest city in Vietnam, Haiphong offers some of the best tourist attractions including the Naval Museum, the Military Zone III Museum, and Haiphong City Museum. The best thing to do in the city is walk through the market and buy the most beautiful shoes. You should also try their delicacies which include a white rice cake, shrimp noodle soup, crab noodle soup, and sweetened bean porridge. You should also try the locally-made beer at the Haiphong Brewery.


Dalat (Vietnam)

                Known as the playground of the French, Dalat offers a lot of tourist attraction to book your whole day. Package tours are available to take you to various sites. The tours usually include stops at the three palaces and summer home of the colonial era, the Crazy House, the flower gardens, the hilltop pagoda, the Langbian Mountain Land Rover Ride, Xuan Huon Lake, Dalat market, Nha Tho Domaine de Marie, Dalat train station, Ho Suoi Vang, Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery, the Valley of Love, the Lake of Sorrow, Tuyen Lam Lake, Pren Falls, and Pongour falls.

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Danang (Vietnam)

                The third largest city of Vietnam is Danang. It is the balanced combination of the other cities, amking it popular for those who want to explore the attractions on Central Vietnam. The best place to visit in the city is the beach. You can also go to Cham Museum, Marble Mountains, Cham Island, and Lhin Ung Buddhist Temple.


Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

                Known as the biological treasure trove, Mekong Delta is home to over 10,000 new species. It displays various physical landscapes such as mountains and highlands. The region is known for its large rice growing areas. It is also home to a large aquaculture industry. The best place to visit is the floatinf market known as Can Tho Market.

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