Tour De France 2013

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2-in-1 Competition and Leisure in Tour De France  

            Are you an athletic person? Do you like biking more than any sport in the world? Do you like to see and meet men and women in tight cycling shorts? If your answer is yes, then, the Tour de France is the perfect event for you to join this year. It is a yearly bicycle race held in France. It is known to be the most prestigious cycling Grand Tour. A number of riders and teams from around the world go to France to witness or join the event, and visit the beautiful and romantic city of Paris.

Said to be the most physiologically demanding of athletic events, the race covers 3,200 km and lasts for three weeks. At the end of the race, you will feel like you have run a marathon several days a week and climbed a total of three Everests. On 2013, Tour de France will launch its hundredth edition in Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent view bragged by the mountains and the sea.

The Tour de France is comprised of three stages. The first stage will take place on the port of Porto-Vecchio during the first day of the competition. The peloton will head to the outskirts of Bonifacio on the southern part of the island and through the east coast to Bastia. The first stage will be held on flat ground with minimal major difficulties. If you are cycling with the peloton, you can take a glance at the Roman remains of Mariana. The finish line is along the Lake Biguglia Nature Reserve.

On the second day, the race will start in one of the biggest squares in Europe, the Place Saint-Nicolas. You will pass in front of the Furiani Stadium to the Mecca of Corsican football. Then, you will head south after Corte where the race will become more complicated. The steep roads in the center of the island will give you a lot of challenge. You will climb through the Cols de Bellgranajo, de la Serra, and de Vizzavona. Ten kilometres before the finish line, you have to climb up the steep slope of Monte Salario . However, all these are worthwhile as soon as you witness the majestic scenery of the Iles Sanguinaires in La Parata.

The last stage will unfold in Place Moit beside the Mediterranean Sea and the beach. You will go along the west coast of the island and go north on winding roads. There, you will witness the magnificent creeks of Piana which is a listed site of the UNESCO World Heritage. You will pass through hilly landscapes and finish the stage in Calvi. At the end of the day, you will surely enjoy the entire Island of Beauty. Plan your visit now and take pleasure in the visual, historic and collective view of Corsica on Tour de France 2013.


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