Tulum Beach – Cancun

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Swim in One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Tulum Beach – Cancun

            Tulum Beach – Cancun is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. After walking through ancient stone buildings and hiking through the jungle, you will be struck by shockingly deep blue ocean against the background of cliffs and ruins. The sight will leave you breathless as you descend the steep road and land your feet on the powder soft sand at the base of a rock. You can also see the castle (El Castillo) overhead and feel the mischievous waves as they hit the shore and wet your feet. It is the perfect place to connect with history and nature at the same time.

What to Do in Tulum Beach

This place is a popular day trip for both locals and foreigners. Oftentimes, people visit the beach along with the eco-park known as Xcaret. This provides them with the opportunity to encounter the fauna and flora of both the jungle and the sea. The nearby town of Tulum is also known for its palapa-roofed hotels. There are also restaurants that offer excellent cuisines. Moreover, you can enjoy the luxury of sprawling resorts that outline the beach. You can reach Tulum beach by taking a plane to Cancun and drive for about 90 minutes in the highway.

Tulum Beach is a white limestone sand beach that is definitely a treat for your eyes. If you are looking to enjoy crystal clear waters, then this is the perfect place for you. The beach has an aura of mystery that the tale of ancient Mayan ruins feature. The ruins over look at the beach and is prominent with the castle.

The word tulum is derived from the Mayan word which means wall. It is the only walled city built by the Mayans to defend their frontiers from invaders. If you needed privacy, you can come to the nearby beach Boca Paila. You can also visit the most interesting temple in Mexico and take pleasure with their beautiful murals. Another place to visit is the cenotes or freshwater pools. These were parts of the underground river networks that once provided for the Mayan people.

Going to Tulum Beach   

The best time to visit Tulum Beach,Cancun is between the months of December and April. The tropical climate makes sure that during this time there will less rains and more sunshine. Being in a hurricane zone, you may way to avoid visiting in September and October as the area gets maximum rainfall.

If you are worrying about the accommodations in the beach, don’t! Tulum offers a number of accommodations that range from campsites, cabana hotels and high end hotels. Most of the hotels are located in an area marked for hotel industry. The most popular are the Azulik villas that include 15 villas made of hardwood. They also have unique features such as massages, waterfront views, and tree-trunk bathtubs.

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