United Kingdom Calendar 2013

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United Kingdom Calendar 2013

UK’s power is one of the main reasons for the colonization of the continents. Overall, one of the places with the richest history, the United Kingdom is one amazing place to be, especially on the dates mentioned in the United Kingdom Calendar for 2013. One of these holidays is bound to give visitors a taste of the multi-sensory experience that is UK.


New Year’s Eve

Exactly one week after Christmas, also known as the Feast Of Circumcision, because Jesus was circumcised on that day, New Year’s Eve is the most widely celebrated holiday on earth. With theme parties, salsa dances, live performances and people having fun around every corner and pub, New Year’s Eve is an amazing moment to be in the UK. Scotland also celebrated the next day.

Tuesday, January 1 2013


Pancake Tuesday

Jesus was in the desert for 40 forty days before beginning his ministry and for that reason Roman Catholics restrain themselves for the same amount of time from all bodily pleasures, right before Easter. Pancake Tuesday is the last opportunity for everyone to feast, and is celebrated worldwide.

Tuesday, February 12 2013


St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in respect to Saint Patrick who is probably the most widely recognized patron saint in the world. He was captured in slavery for a number of years and at that point he found his passion for Christianity and realized his call was to convert pagans to it. He spent thirty years doing this in Ireland, creating the foundation on which Ireland’s Christianity was later created upon. People from whole Ireland celebrate this day in his honor.

Monday, March 18 2013


Good Friday

This is the day in the United Kingdom calendar 2013 on which people from all around the world commemorate Jesus’ Crucifixion. Exactly one week before Easter, when he is resurrected, this day is of great importance and is celebrated with feasts around the globe.

Friday, March 29 2013


Easter Monday

Easter can easily be considered the most important holiday in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after he was crucified, thus symbolizing a triumph over death. Hidden Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, shared prayers and feasts are something that no Easter can go without.

Monday, April  1 2013


Early May Bank Holiday

This holiday in the United Kingdom calendar 2013 has one of the most comical backgrounds. In the old times, the Bank Of England recognized and respected 33 saints days and religious holidays, however later that number has been reduced to four. Sir John Lubbock allegedly picked four more, with the reason behind that being that they coincided with cricket games. The Early May Bank Holiday, which takes place in the first Monday of May is one of them.

Monday, May 6 2013


May Bank Holiday

Same as the Early May Bank Holiday, however taking place at the last Monday of May.

Monday, May 27 2013


August Bank Holiday

Another additional holiday, that should thank its existence to Sir John Lubbock and his passion for cricket games. This one is celebrated on the last Monday of August.

Monday, August 26 2013


Christmas Day

With Christianity being one of the most widely spread religions in the world, there is no surprise that the birthday of Jesus Christ is one of the most important milestones in the UK Calendar 2013. People share gifts with their friends and families, feast and celebrate to honor this great occasion. In UK the next day is called Boxing Day, because it is the day when people try to get rid of all the boxes that were used for presents.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Have a Happy UK Holidays in 2013.!

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  • trifkx

    Correction to listing regarding Boxing Day
    In the UK Boxing day is not named ‘Boxing Day’ because they chucked the boxes out. Traditionally houses in the UK that used to have ‘staff’, such as butlers, ladies maids etc where given recognition or gifts by their superiors or employers.

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