United Nations Day

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United Nations Day

When: October 24

Where:New York(USA), Hague (Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and Nairobi (Kenya)

            United Nations Day unitednationsday 300x254 United Nations DayThe four permanent members of the council are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and the Republic of China. Since the year of 1948, the anniversary of the event has been named United Nations Day. It is a celebration that highlights the work of the United Nations and its members of dedicated agencies.

United Nations Day – Oct 24 is considered to be a global observance. It is not a public holiday. People all over the world hold a number of activities to commemorate this special event. All countries that are part of the UN, especially in the New York main offices and others, hold concerts and raise the UN flag on important buildings. There are also debates on the importance of the function of the organization in modern times. In addition, state heads and other leaders also hold proclamations on the day.

Traditionally, United Nations Day is celebrated by the whole world through meetings, discussions and displays of the achievements and goals of the organization. A number of international schools celebrate the diversity of their students by holding a ceremony where flags of different countries are raised by students themselves. You can also see students in various costumes representing the national clothing of every country. There are also celebrations that include food fair with a wide variety of food all around the world and a show of the artistic performances of national dances and songs of countries in the evening. Some towns hold public rallies while others have festivals with dancing and singing.

There are many ways you can celebrate United Nations Day – Oct 24. First, you can go to your local community. There are diminutive but significant observations held all over the country. You can also visit your local libraries for they often have displays and highlighted materials that you can share and take home.

You can also play a game of discovery such as finding places with specific features. For instance, you can spot on the map the country with the highest population. Another way to celebrate UN Day is through a small banquet. This is a great time to raise a topic about the occasion. It also might be fun to serve food that you consider foreign.

Shopping is also a great way to celebrate UN Day. You do not need to buy anything. Lastly, you can just visit some ethnic shops and enjoy products from all over the world. Keep in mind that this day is a great time to remember the intention of the founders to make this big planet and its diverse members live in peace.


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