Victory Day around the World – the day of honor for everyone

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Victory Day around the World – the day of honor for everyone

Victory day is celebrated with great affection and passion all around the world. National victories are celebrated on the day. Different countries emerged victorious in wars over the course of time, according to which they celebrate their respective victorious days. The day means a lot to the nation and forces of the country. They remember the difficult times and circumstances from which they emerged victorious. Some countries celebrate the day by marking the victory over their neighbors, some gained victory against the colonizers and some won the battle during the Second World War. The people of the country remember their national heroes and the innocents who died. The day is now a public day in every country and huge steps are taken to mark the day with parades and ceremonies. As the Victory Day is celebrated around the world, so dates for some countries are:

  • Europe & Russia:

The day, known as VE day of Victory in Europe Day, is celebrated all over Europe to remember the occasion when the German Nazis surrendered to the European Allies in 1945. Most of the European nations celebrate the day on 8th May though some common wealth countries celebrate on 7th May as well. Russia holds the day on 9th May due to the difference in time zones.

  • Malta:

Malta is a small country located in Europe. It celebrates the day on 8th of September to mark the victory against the Ottoman Turk in 1565. The day s also remembered for the victory over the Italians in 1943. The day is celebrated as the birth of Marry, the mother of Jesus as well.

  • Turkey:

Turkey celebrates the day on 30th August to honor the Battle of Dumlupınar. It was the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922, and they won with flying colors. The Government declares public holiday on the day.

  • Vietnam:

30th April is the day when the internal war between Vietnamese Communists and FNL ended. The US Army assisted the country in ending the riots. The communists eventually succeeded in 1975 and the state was considered as the communist state.

  • Bangladesh & India:

The Indians Celebrate the day on 15th December. The day is popularly known as Vijay DIwas in India. It has significance importance fort eh military of the country.

Bangladesh celebrates the day on 16th December of each year. They celebrate the victory against Pakistan with in 1991, albeit with help from the allied Indian forces. The victory, also known as Bijoy Dibosh is celebrated with great passion.

  • Pakistan:

The South Asian Power House celebrates the day on 8th September. It marks the success of Operation Dwarka against the neighboring arch rivals India. The operation took place during the Indo Pak war of 1965. The Naval forces of Pakistan attacked the Indian coastal town on 7th September. The day is also celebrated as an appreciation to Pakistan Navy.

  • Croatia:

The Independence Day and the Victory day both are celebrated on 5th August in Croatia. The Croatians battled hard for a period of 4 years from 1991 to 1995 to gain independence from Yugoslavia.

  • Egypt:

Egypt celebrates its victory day on 23rd of December of each year. The Egyptian forces gained victory over France, Israel and UK. The way, much better known as Suez Crisis, took place on the issue of Suez Canal. It’s the one and only land bridge that connects Asia and Africa.

  • Other Countries:

The day is celebrated on 27th March in Angola, 8th May in France and November 4th in Italy.

Importance of the day:

Though different countries celebrate the day on different dates and give them different names, the purpose of celebrations and spirit remains the same. The celebrations are in honor for the heroes of the war and the ones who die to pave way for the coming generation. They change the course of their countries, re writing history in new words.

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