Viernes Santo 2012 – the Good Friday

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Viernes Santo 2012 – the Good Friday

Viernes Santo is a Spanish word which can be translated in English as Good Friday. A Good Friday is the last Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a religious day for Christians. This day is celebrated in the memory of Christian’s Prophet Jesus Christ (Eesa in Arabic). Jesus Christ was hanged for death on Easter Sunday but at that time he was lifted above the skies and remained safe due to God’s will. According to Christian and Muslim religious beliefs, Jesus Christ or Prophet Eesa is alive and will appear before the Day of Judgment.

On this religious event, many Christians observe fast, say prayers and watch TV, radio etc. limitedly. There is official holiday on this day in some countries but most of them keep up with the routine work.  The festival is given great respect in Christianity as it symbolized the Jesus sacrifice as salvation for humankind.


 Basically this day is celebrated in the memory of Jesus Christ. According to most Christians Jesus was Son of God. They relate that Judas arrested Jesus for money. After that he was sent to the house of father in law of the high priest known as Anna’s. Many witnesses over there spoke against Jesus but he spoke nothing. And finally high priest wrote his wordings that Jesus Christ was son of God. After that many conflicts came and later on Jesus was sent to Jerusalem. Jesus did not provide any answers there as well.  In the end, he was hung to death. He remained hanging for six hours and during the last three hours there was complete darkness, and with a blast Jesus gave up his spirit. Later on one of his follower Sanhedrin brought Jesus’ body back. And on the third day, which is now known as Easter, Jesus rose again.

According to Muslims, Jesus is still alive as God lifted him at the time he was hanged. Furthermore, Muslims believe that he was not Son of God but Son of Mary without any father, as God created him with a miracle and then blessed him with prophet ship. Moreover, Muslims say that Jesus will come again on this world before the Day of Judgment. According to their belief, when he was hanged up God sent his angles and people round about only heard a sound and angel lifted Jesus to God with the body of some other person.

Viernes Santo 2012 Celebrations:

Viernes Santo is celebrated in many countries like the whole of Europe, Malta, Philippines, India and many more where Christianity is recognized.

Catholics observe fast on the Viernes Santo day. They only take one full meal during the whole day and do not eat meat. However, in some cases people take two half meals which combine to make a full meal. The countries which do not have a holiday, they too respect the day and stop working for some time after 3PM. In some areas there is a depiction as the way of cross. Ministers enter in complete silence without singing. Then they have to make basement of earthly man and also sorrow and sadness of church.

Viernes Santo or Good Friday was celebrated in many European and western countries on Friday 6th April, 2012 whereas it was celebrated on Friday 13th April, 2012 in Eastern Countries. It was celebrated on the Friday before the first Sunday after first full moon.

In most places, it was a public holiday and most of the business and government institutions and organizations remained closed. There was a four days weekend on Easter and many people made arranged different activities as well. Most of the churches on 6th April held special church services. Moreover, traditional buns were also eaten on this day. In India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries, thousands of Christians held up the cross sign on roads and celebrated the Viernes Santo day with great respect.

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