Vivid Sydney Festival 2013

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   Vivid Sydney Festival 2013 – When a City becomes Alive

When it happens: May 25 – June 11 2013

Where it happens: Sydney,Australia

The Vivid Sydney Festival 2013 will be the biggest international music and light event in the Asia-Pacific region, promising to spark imaginative ideas from local and foreign visitors alike. The Vivid Sydney Festival transforms the city of Sydney into a living canvas of music and lights, attracting visitors by the thousands from around the globe every year. From art, music, lights and even fashion, the entire city will entice the visitors’ imagination and spark their delight with its wonderful sights. From Hyde Park through Macquarie Street, Sydney Opera House and Circular Bay, the sights and sounds of the city will become so magical you might even think the city itself is alive!

What to Expect

The Vivid Sydney Festival 2013 will surely follow up the previous year’s successes. With last year Vivid Sydney Festival 2012′s new programs namely, the Vivid LIVE and the Song Summit, being added on top of the previous year’s four programs, you can  ̶  no, you must!  ̶  expect the unexpected! Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House brought together the best contemporary artists while the Song Summit gathered local and international songwriters and several producers from the music industry. Several bands and individual performers would rock or serenade the city as festive lights liven up the mood in tandem.

There are several other programs and events to be featured as well. Fire Water, a free event, features three nights of spectacular display of flames and there will also be markets and food stalls at The Rocks.  Other business ventures would also be presented as programs or events, adding a variety of sights and sounds to the heart of a rising economic powerhouse that is Sydney.

Land, water, and sky would be illuminated around Sydney and it is a place where every photographer would want to be along with his trusted cameras. Enjoying the scenic views from boat, from bus, or by foot, you can check out the modern wonderland in the heart of Australia.

Travel Tips

The Vivid Sydney Festival 2013 will be held at one of the corners of the globe particularly known for its location, weather, and scenic modern marvels  ̶  most notably, the Sydney Opera House. It is important to bring a variety of wears conducive to the weather, so bring cool comfortable clothing during hot days and warm comfortable clothing during cold days and nights.

Most importantly, do not forget about your cameras. You would not want to miss recording all the sights and sounds on this spectacular occasion. For two awesome weeks, do not forget to explore and visit what Sydney has best to offer as you journey to the sights and sounds of the Vivid Sydney Festival 2013 by day and night.

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