What To Do in Rio de Janeiro

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What To Do in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil exudes the allure of a woman who is both beautiful on the surface and in character; who both knows how to sit back and kick her feet up, and party really hard. Given her attributes, it is not difficult to put together a list of what to do in Rio de Janeiro. There are plenty.

Not surprisingly, the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, is one of the mainstream travelers’ top destination, as well as those who get up and go with a backpack and explore the city’s less notable neighborhoods.

Rio de Janeiro, like any capital city, has requisite tourist destinations that every traveler must see and go to in order to experience the spirit that is uniquely “Cariocas” (the word given to Rio locals).

Top Places to Go in Rio de Janeiro

  • Cristo Redentor in Corcovado – the towering Christ the Redeemer is Brazil’s definitive statement about its religiosity. The Cariocas and most of Brazilians are devout Catholics, having been colonized by the Portuguese. The gargantuan statue of Christ in the capital city is both a testament to this devotion and to its arms-wide-open attitude to foreigners.
  • Ipanema – immortalized by the “The Girl from Ipanema,” this long stretch of beach is both a place to get some sun and watch bikini bottoms line up the shore. The streets are no less fashionable, and there are as many chic boutiques as there are gorgeous people to ogle. Hippies are not left out of the scene, as there is a hippie market in Praca General Osorio where travelers can buy arts and crafts.
  • Copacabana – another beach that placed Rio de Janeiro on the map, Copacabana is framed by the city and ribbons of mountains behind it, and stands up to scrutiny. It can be tough to find a nice spot in summertime when you arrive late, so be sure to come at the earliest possible time in the day.

Things to Do in Rio

  • Lose it at the Rio Carnival – for wild party animals, they have not seen a thing if they have not been to the Rio Carnival, billed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest festival in the planet. Unrestrained cavorting and frolicking on the streets is the rule, a moral imperative when in the presence of gigantic floats and blindingly colorful costumes.
  • Attend a live soccer game at the Maracana Stadium – Brazil, after all, boasts of regular presence in FIFA finals. The stadium is considered the biggest in the world and can handle 100,000 spectators at any given time, and twice that – a staggering 200,000 yelling fans – during top events. Watch the local teams Botafogo of Flamengo practice on a regular day.
  • Learn samba in the capital’s ‘gafieiras’ or dance clubs – travelers will not run out of idea of what to do in Rio de Janeiro given its 200 or so samba dance clubs. At any given time, the gafieiras are packed with Cariocas and tourists alike. Brazil’s iconic dance and music genre that originated from African immigrants is hard not to dance too. Travelers who want to dance in step with revelers during the Carnival may want to learn a thing or two.port Carnival Winners 2012 20 8 600x400 300x255 What To Do in Rio de Janeiro

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