Whitsundays Islands – Australia

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The Whitsundays – Australia

            The Whitsundays – Australia is a collection of islands in a variety of sizes located off the central coast of Queensland. They are continental islands that are centred on Whitsunday Island with Hamilton Island as the commercial centre. The traditional owners of the island are the Gia people and Ngaro people. The island was named based on Captain Cook’s journal known as Whitsunday Passage. It is believed that that island was discovered because of a slip-up in punctuality. It was actually discovered on a Monday.       

About Whitsundays

This place is a popular tourist destination for travellers of the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland. It has an area which is considered as one of the most well-known yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. It receives approximately 700,000 visitors every year. This may be due to the fact that the islands offer a number of activities for the entire family.

One of the most rewarding experiences in the islands is taking short walks on the seaways of the Ngaro Sea Trail Great Walk which offers a walk across the South Mole, Hook, and Whitsunday. The track is also suitable for power boating, sailing and kayaking as they are linked by seaways. You can also camp during the night in eight areas of the three islands. Other islands have also large resorts that offer a wide range of activities and accommodations.

Whitsunday Island is the largest island in Whitsundays – Australia archipelago. It is home to the famous beach Whitehaven. While you are on the islands, you should not miss the beach. There are dozens of small inlets and coves that you can pull in away with your boats and yachts. A number of boats also go to a well-trodden trail called Tongue Point, in order to look over Whitehaven.

What to Expect in The Whitsundays

If you are a first time visitor, there are boat packages that offer a troop march from one camera shoot area to another. You can also do day tripping as long as you choose your boat company intelligently. On the other hand, the main attraction is Whitehaven is its pure white silica sand. It stretches a distance of seven kilometres.

If you ever visit Whitsundays in australia, you should keep in mind that sunglasses are seriously essential. There are a number of theories about the sands of Australia. One of which is that the tectonic plates rub together and make the silica ooze up from the surface of the earth before they were washed up in the beach. Events are also held in the islands. If you visit in June, there is an Outrigger Cup, a Hawaiian sport using canoes. If you visit in August, you can attend the Hamilton Island Race Week.

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