Wife Carrying Championship, Finland

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Prove your Strength in Wife Carrying Championship, Finland

            Wife Carrying Championship, Finland is a sport where male contestants race while they each carry a female teammate. The main objective of this game is to let the male carry the female through an obstacle track. The fastest male to complete the task is declared the winner. If you wish to have some fun with your special someone, join in the competition.

You can practice various types of carry such as fireman’s carry, piggy back and Estonian-style where the female hangs upside down with her legs wrapped around the male’s shoulders while she holds onto his waist. This is a great time for you and your partner to spend some quality time together.

The origin of the Wife Carrying Championship is based on the history of Finland. In 19th century, a famous character known as Rankainen is a robber who obliged strong physical standards from the men who wish to join him. In order to qualify, the men had to go through a difficult track while carrying a very heavy sack on their backs. In addition, men also use women instead of sacks when they steal them from neighbouring villages. This concept is a little old-fashioned. At the present time, the concept of the game is to have fun and test the agility, teamwork, and physical strength of men and women.

This sport is played in a number of states. However, the Wife Carrying Championship, Finland is the mother of all races. It usually takes place in July at the Finnish town of Sonkajärven. In addition to the standard race, couples are also given the chance to participate in the wife-carrying sprint. The Wife Carrying World Championship features a team competition. However, it involves three men in every team that takes turns carrying one female. There is also a twist where before one man hands off the woman to his teammate, he must drink beer.

Around the three planned events, you can attend the arts and crafts fair. You can also listen to music, have food and wine tastings. If you plan to bring your kids with you, there are also kids’ games and a lot more. Officials of the game also offer special awards and prizes for best costumes. This adds a festive element to the event. Thus, if you ever decide to take part in the contest, wear your best clothes. Other special awards include the strongest carrier and the most entertaining couple.

This 2012, the Wife Carrying Championships, Finland will be held in Sonkajärven on the first Friday of July. You can enjoy the event for 2 consecutive days. You can also relax after the wife-lugging exertions in the sauna, a very fine Finnish invention. You can easily find saunas in Finland since there are approximately 1.6 saunas in every Finn.


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