WOMAD UK Festival 2012

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WOMAD UK Festival 2012

When: Last weekend of July(July 27July 29 in 2012)

Where: Wiltshire, England


The World of Music, Arts and Dance, or WOMAD, England, was established in 1980 by former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel, along with Thomas Brooman, Bob Hooton, Stephen Pritchard, Martin Elbourne and Jonathan Arthur.

But the event did not raise its multi-colored flags until 1982 in Shepton Mallet. The first batch of audience enjoyed performance from Peter Gabriel himself, Don Cherry, The Beat, Drummers of Burundi, Suns of Arqa, the Chieftans, and many more.

Since then, the festival showcases talents, both mainstream and unique, from Mali to Mongolia.

The goal of WOMAD is “to be embracing but non-definitive,” another way of saying that it welcomes all expressions of art, especially those expressed through music and movement, from wherever in the world.

For those who might miss WOMAD in England, they get to see them in various locations too. WOMAD has gone to New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, Caceres and Canary Islands (Spain), Sicily (Italy) and Adelaide, Australia (WOMADelaide).

 About the Event:

At present, WOMAD, England, is celebrated in Charlton Park, Malmesbury, in Wiltshire. It will start on July 27 and end on July 29.

WOMAD is a performance artists’ dream come true. The festival is haven for talents who have limited exposure in their own countries. So it is not unusual to stumble upon West African ‘griots,’ or people who are repositories of their oral tradition. (They also happen to be musicians and praise singers, so the poetry and history they tell are woven into the performance.) Sitar players from India, or Egyptian lyre performers, all have a place to bring out their talents in the festival.

On the three-day event, WOMAD organizers have lined up workshops, food-tasting events and selling booths. Adults can sign up in learning dance and musical instruments, while children can learn painting, circus skills, graffiti, modeling and story-telling.

Musicians are also given the stage to cook their choice of dish from their home country in “Taste the World.” The “Global Market” sells international food and wares.

The ensemble of acts for this year’s WOMAD, England, will come from Niger Republic, Senegal, Cape Verde, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Portugal and Colombia. Talents from UK, Canada, Scotland and Australia are also going to make appearances.

WOMAD festival 2012 tickets:

You can book the tickets for this festival in this official booking site.

Travel Tips:

Malmesbury lies on the southern portion of Cotswolds, an area of green rolling hills and stone cottages. Camping is definitely one attractive option. Because Malmesbury is in Wiltshire, travelers can also do a side trip to Salisbury Plains where a monument of antiquity still stands – the Stonehenge.

The Salisbury Plains are also home to diverse wildlife, and on its fringes are two National Nature Reserves, a welcoming playground to the nature lover.

Final Thoughts:

WOMAD is a must-see for travelers, whether artistically inclined or not. The immense diversity of acts assembled is an entertainment unto itself, and it is hard to leave without enjoying the festival if travelers arrive with an open mind.

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