World body painting festival 2012,Austria

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World body painting festival 2012,Austria

When: July 2-8 2012

Where: Portschach, Austria

Alex Barendregt is largely credited as the creator of the festival when he was commissioned to organize a new summer event in Seeboden in 1998. He was working for a local travel agency at the time, but he picked up inspiration for the World Body Painting Festival, Austria, from a photograph with the same theme. It took a while for the artistic event to catch on, but when it did, it became the largest body-painting event in the world, considered a mecca for the art of this kind.

Until 2010, the festival was held in Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria on the third week of July, but politicians decided to discontinue the festival in the area. As such, it was moved to its new location in Portschach at Lake Worthersee. It is now held during the first week of July.

About the Event:

The World Body Painting Festival, Austria, is mecca for visual artists of all stripes. From July 2-8, 2012, Portschach at Lake Worthersee will be abuzz with body painters and models who will compete in various categories: brush and sponge, airbrush, special effects, and special UV effects (best viewed at night). The contest is open to body painters of all levels, including semi-professional student painters.

Even though the festival lasts a week, the actual festival is scheduled only during the last three days of the event. The first four days are devoted to special workshops and lessons administered by the World Body Painting Festival Academy.

The festival is not only a celebration of transforming the body into a medium for scenery. It is also a celebration of music and sounds as these are used to create a body scene. Hence, there will be DJ acts and international music bands on the side. There will also be music-synchronized fireworks and a thumping after-party.

Although the World Body Painting Festival, Austria, is a magnet for all things visual arts, it is open to public without prior reservation. It is surprisingly well-attended by families of all ages.

Travel Tips:

Portschach is a compact town that affords travelers to get from one event to another by foot. Because the World Body Painting Festival, Austria, has reached epic heights, expect to see world-renowned body painters and stylists in the crowd. Lake Worthersee itself is an attraction with or without the festival because it is Austria’s summer retreat for the European gentility. Be sure to book your hotels early, as the festival week can get frenzied. Be willing to get from point A to point B on foot, and put up with loud electronic music and sounds. Traveling to Lake Worthersee at this time of the year is not going to be a quiet retreat.

Final Thoughts:

Anybody aspiring to do body art should make the trip to the World Body Painting Festival, Austria, if they happen to be in the country. It is the biggest event in body painting, and certainly a haven for all artists of all colors and creed.

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