World Toe Wrestling Championship 2012

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Experience Sport with a Humor at World Toe Wrestling, England

World Toe Wrestling Championship 2012:

When it happens: 14th July, 2012
Where it happens: Bentley Brook Inn, Derbyshire, England

World Toe Wrestling, England is gaining popularity all over the world due to its weirdness. It is held in Bentley Brook Inn, Derbyshire, England on the fourteenth of July. Every year, a number of competitors from Germany, United States, Canada, and Australia travel to England for the most aggressive and least sneaky game of the footsies. The day begins with a full inspection of the toes and feet of the competitors, making sure they got no diseases to infect others with. This game is resurrected by George Burgess in 1990. He said that the sport is about ankle strength, perseverance, and having a toe-rific sense of humor.

World Toe Wrestling, England is similar to arm wrestling. Competitors sit on “toe-dium” and place their feet on a “toes-rack”, a wooden frame. In order to play, participants need to take off their socks and shoes first. Since this game is played bare feet, it is a common courtesy for players to take off each other’s footwear and socks.

Participants need to link their toes with their feet flat on the each others feet. You will know that the competition will start after a short chant of “1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a toe war!” then, the players will proceed by attempting to capture the feet of their opponents in three seconds. The trapping or capturing of the feet is called pinning. It is accomplished by placing one foot on the same foot of the opponent and trapping it for 3 seconds. If the opponent is in too much pain, he may forfeit by saying “It’s toe much!”

If you wish to join the World Toe Wrestling, England, you need to prepare for battle. You need to perform toe exercises if you wish to beat toe wrestlers from around the world. It may help to perform toes stretches to increase the blood flow on your toes and muscles. This improves flexibility and mobility of your toes that are a clear-cut plus in toe wrestling. In addition, you may prefer a nice and relaxing heated foot massage. However, if you are a lover for punishing your toes, try a few years of ballet. Whichever way you do it, just enjoy the game and good luck beating the Predatoe, the 2011 champion in Toe Wrestling.

The World Toe Wrestling 2012, England is a fun-filled event that should not be taken seriously. It is a competition for its physical aspect and it has a set of rules that governs the game. Toe Wrestling has also a sponsor, the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. All the revenues of the event go to charity. Thus, if you want to experience a sport with a good heart, join or watch the Word Toe Wrestling Championships in England.


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